miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

Horror Novel Idea,Please tell me what you think

     There was a growing silence at the Marshall Gothic Mansion as a body of a man lies on the floor of the master bedroom. It was surrounded by a pool of blood with a sharp blade army in his hand. It was as if he commented his own murder, but the truth is that he didn’t. The only clue on the body that determines his death wasn’t suicide was the fact that he had 21 stabbed wounds on his back, where his upper chest was located. His body lies completely still to the point where no one would stop and think that he was still alive. Barely, but he still in fact alive. Slowly and weakly, this man lifted his right arm and placed it at 90 degrees angle. He does the same with his left hand and tries to push himself up to his knees. However, he feels the pain on his back that’s keeping him from getting up completely.
   He slowly crawls towards the door like a tortoise trying reach the ocean. He fell down multiple times before he reached the door, considering that he lost a lot of blood. Plus his eyes weren’t helping him at all, considering that they were getting blurrier by each passing minute. Pretty much, he was getting to the moment where he departed from this world forever. The man wasn’t about to give up the fight just yet, and that’s because he was hearing something from the other side of the door. It was a woman’s voice that was calling his name out repeatedly “Eblis!” The voice was faint, but it wasn’t because the voice sounded so far away. It was because he was losing his sense of hearing. “Diana!” he cried weakly as if he knew who’s voice it was.
     Slowly he’d looks up at the doorknob and tries to reach it with his left hand. His hand was shaking rapidly, but he manages to put one finger on the doorknob. Before his finger fell, Eblis grabbed the knob and used it to pull himself up. He was panting after he’d just got up and started to cough up a little bit of blood that went on the floor. Taking one step at a time, Eblis slowly walked out of the room. Later, He trembles which causes him to lose his balance and trips towards a nearby wall. He quickly manages to stop himself with his waist place on the wall, and left arm placed angularly above it.      
       He was panting weakly as he assured his balance, and looked to where there are stairs. He slowly begins to walk towards the stars. When he was at the stairs, his eyes were blurry, they were making him see the stairs as if he was in high altitude. He tries to shake it off, and took one step down. Eblis continued to walk down the stairs until he lost his balance again, and fell all the rest of the way down. The fall would truly had killed him if wasn’t for the carpet at the bottom of the steps. At this point it just gave him more pain as he tries to get up again. However, the pain didn’t came from back this time. Actually,  the pain was that Eblis is feeling this time was coming from his right arm. He’ve must of landed on it and broke it when he fell.
      “Ow! Ow!” Eblis yelled as he turned around to be on his back. He forgot that his back was in pain too. He turned towards his left side As he tries to get up, Eblis heard a female voice calling out his name, but this time it gotten deeper. “Diana!”